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It is our mission to help individuals with Substance Use Disorders who are seeking recovery by funding their residential treatment, including transportation and advocacy, so that they can recover their lives and live fully.

 Our vision:

Jesus said love one another as I have loved you.  Our addicted brothers and sisters need help.  We passionately seek those with a substance use disorder who are ready to reclaim their lives from addiction.  We strive to return their dignity and self-worth to them through unconditionally loving, caring, and helping them without discrimination or judgement.  Our vision is to be there to advocate for them on their journey to recovery through providing financial support, transportation, transitioning assistance, caring and love.

How   We Help:
  • Assist in procuring all documentation and personal items necessary for entering treatment.
  • Assist in locating residential treatment center with vacancy and make reservations.
  • Provide transportation to the treatment center and assist in check-in.
  • Give Recovery staff will maintain communication and support to patient during treatment.
  • We work with patients to arrange transitional housing after treatment is completed, including transportation from the center to the new housing.
  • Assist with costs and fees during the first month in sober living while employment is procured, also providing transportation to and from job interviews, doctor/therapy/probation appointments, and other appointments necessary for successful recovery.
Important Reads
Raising Lazarus
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White Structure
White Structure


Please join us at our Spaghetti Dinner
5-19-24 . All proceeds will go to help those struggling with drug addictions recover.

Photos from Overdose Awareness Day 8-31-23
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